Tuesday, May 13, 2008

tinctures aren't just for 'fuming

File under 'Happy Surprises', eh.

I was preparing scallops for dindin on Sunday night, hoping to recreate something I did in March when I was able to get my perfumey mitts on a black truffle. The truffle is long gone, but I did have a stack of crimini mushrooms, some good butter, and tinctured black truffle (in grain etoh) from 2006, bwahaha. *eagerly rubs hands together*

You can do a couple droppers of truffle tincture into melted butter, let it steam and stew, and have a very good truffle aroma and flavor left behind.

And here I thought I was limited to futzing with the tincture in earthy blends and accords...

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Oh, True Apothecary said...

Sounds delicious! I use some of my perfuming tinctures in cooking as well ~ Balinese long pepper, fig, vanilla (of course!). It's great fun.