Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am perplexed as I continue to labor on an astrological scent that requires an ability to create and balance luxurious and rich warm expansive scents of luxury with an underlying theme of disruption, creating order out of chaos and micro-management.

I have to admit, I've been struggling. And that can only mean another roller coaster ride for me.

Quite recently, I have been noticing that specific aspects of my patrons' lives which leave me puzzled appear in my life in the form of my own challenges that in turn, lead to new realizations leading to scentual resolution.

While I am having a blast, raising my hands over my head, and shreiking WHOOOOO while the winds of magic and empathy blow on my face. Nevertheless, the experience is also exhausting and requires my personal aromatic comforts.

To this end, I am finding for my own edification and centering, notes that include different Patchouli's, and Chocolate Tinctures.


Di said...

If I may ask, what is the astrological scent you are trying to create? I've constructed scents taking into account natal charts in the past, and I might be able to offer a bit of health from an occult perspective.

Gail said...

6th house stellium with 3 planets oppposing in the 12th. Gail