Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Captain Blankenship

Aahwoo! It’s Captain Blankenship!

By Tonie Silver

Captain Blankenship. How could I possibly not review a company called Captain Blankenship for Pete’s sake???! Go on, say it~ Captain Blankenship. Before you know it, you’ll be chanting it to yourself like a mantra: Captain Blankenship, Captain Blankenship, Captain Blankenship, until finally, you’ll be able to stand it no more, you’ll have to go to the website, you’ll see all the cool stuff, you’ll ooh and ahh over the Captain’s adorbs puppy-doggy, and you’ll order! Yay!

Wolf Princess Earthbound Serbian Goddess Mirjana Blankenship makes some mighty fine offerings. Her Meteor Spray and Meteor Hand Balm are two super cool prods, and here’s why: they start off with a beckoning of vetiver, and linger with ylang. In the middle is a pine note. Use the spray on your bod, pillows, kitty, whatever, and the balm on all four paws, lips, wherever. The balm is lightly moisturizing and has a nice soft, smooth texture; it’s easy to scoop out a fingerfull. Housed in a cute little tin, hand stamped with Jana’s scritchy little handwriting and drawings. My favorite thing about the balm is that I get whiffs of different notes at every turn; sometimes I’ll pick up the vetiver, sometimes the ylang, and sometimes the fir. I find meself keeping this by the sink, and it’s almost gone! My favorite thing that Mirjana sent me! Meteor is a very wearable scent indeed~ goes nicely with everything.

The Captain makes seven perfumes~ one for every day of the week!

Wolf Moon is an unexpected rendering that gives new meaning to tuberose. Sharp, green, peppery, and watery. This smells old to me; it reminds me of my grandma~ in a good way! I got little hints of the smoked frankincense, old books, and a boozy, whiskey-like gig.

Mani, which is jewel in Sanskrit, is like a warm blanket, enveloping the wearer in flowers. This reminds me of a classic chyphre. You get the warmth of myrrh and cardamom, with the sweet muskiness of ambrette seed. Smells like really expensive jewelry. I get a metallic twinge in there somewhere. Nice dry down; like a heavy bouquet of dried flowers.

The description of Vrt is a green, gardeny scent, but guess what it smelled like on me? Bananas Foster! Totally sweet with bananas, vanilla and burnt sugar, then a hit of patchouli. Um, as it contains none of these ingredients, it will probably smell totally different on you. I quite like it and find it fun!

Oh yeah. Sea Wolf. Say no more, say no moah! Sweet, jammy forest straight up. Has everything I like in it: fir, vetiver, patchouli, myrrh, et al. Sweet, soft, and warm. Makes you smile. This is my favorite of the seven.

Here’s what Jaune smells like: a handful of freshly cut wildflowers in a sunshiny meadow. Sweet, soft, and flowery. Whiffs of white blossoms. Childhood memories of Summer~ those nodding little pink and yellow blossoms with the sour stems that you used to chew on.

Lila jars you into consciousness with wet, leather, and smoke, and morphs into an overlay of wilted, candy-sweet bouquets. Gives one pause. A scent for thoughtful times. I looked at the ingredients, and the cade is what I picked up as smoke, lilac, honeysuckle, and linden give the flowery tone, and cepes is the wet. Clever!

Aptly named, Phosphorescent. Sea spray on your face. Fresh. Salty, in a good way. You’re sitting on a big rock at the seashore, holding a bouquet of honeysuckle blossoms, and the ocean water is crashing up and spraying you, and you like it. Yup.

Headache. Cramps. Must. Have. Hot. Bath. (Preferably salted, with organic oils, and good smellies!) Ahoy Matey! It’s the Good Ship Blanken to the rescue with her Orla Bath Salts. Sea salt, essential oils, and organic California almond oil are just what the doc ordered. You’ll feel right as rain after a soak in this brew. The ever lovely rose geranium takes center stage in this blend, with supporting cast members blood orange and bergamot rounding out the olfactory trio nicely. Leaves skin perfectly moisturized, and nice and comfy.

The Rusalka Bath Salts are so pretty! Very pink and yellow smelling, with palmarosa, ocean pine, and eucalyptus. These forest sprite salts almost had me snoozing in the tub! Very relaxing indeed.

Do set sail with Captain Blankenship; it’s guaranteed to be a very happy voyage!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


After much soul searching and deliberation, the Rebelle crew has decided to make a new blog and transfer all the LPR content from the website over to that new blog. Why not here? Because over the few years this blog's been in existence, access codes were lost by the participating bloggers, which means months went by without a single post, and readership diminished. A dead blog. Or nearly dead.

Out with the old, in with the more efficient.

Le Parfumeur Rebelle Editor

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Year!

It's been an entire year since any of the Rebel Perfumers blogged here -- a year! So I'm going to jump in and do so now.

Hello everyone! Long time no post, eh? Well, we're not dead or anything, we're just busy. For my part, I attempted to put together a little paper publication for Le Parfumeur Rebelle, lots of photography, lots of interesting articles and such, lots of tutorials, but alas, the webosphere is chock full of this stuff, though scattered from one end to the other, and it seemed a bit premature, and redundant, to go ahead with the project. It is on the back burners and will come to fruition at some point. Just a bit more organization and a lot more advertisers and we're on our way. I'd like to thank all the contributors to the initial idea of a paper publication and your writing isn't going to languish forever -- there are plans for the future with your informative articles the highlights.

Also, I kind of let LPR alone for a while, like months and months, and just began restructuring and posting new articles and reviews and interviews. LPR's become something of a database and I kind of like that idea. I'd like to get a lot more topics covering individual experiments in perfumery or distillation published on the site, and I am working on it. I think it's important to the art form to instruct and tutor newcomers and perhaps teach an old dog a few new tricks in the process.

I think I'll be posting here more often, keeping you apprised of new articles on the site, maybe getting some input on what you'd like to see on LPR. We're here for you, so let us know what you need.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Free Shipping worldwide at Magickal Realism Perfume Arts - last day!

Free shipping worldwide and clearance items are available at Magickal Realism Perfume Arts. Shop closes December 1st for a wedding (mine.) So grab it today while it's still there to be grabbed!

And after this, we will return to our regualrly scheduled perfume posts!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another sales post

I'm closing my shop on December 1st - temporarily. I'm spending that month off in Vegas, getting hitched and doing honeymoon things with the new-minted husband. But that means I have to bust-a-move this month for those of you with perfume plans for the holidays.

So for the month of November, I am offering free shipping worldwide at my Etsy shop. As long as your country will accept fragrance, I'm happy to send it, shipping on me!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Giveaway Winner!

The fall giveaway prize was a full skincare set from The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary. The Haseki Skincare Kit, part of the Harem Skincare line, was chosen for the giveaway. It includes Haseki Soap, made in a base of extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil and loads of organic cocoa butter, and scented with lots of really beautiful essential oils ~ pink grapefruit, bergamot (bergaptene free), frankincense b. serrata, petitgrain sur fleur neroli (neroli!), tangerine essence, lemon essence, fresh ginger, lavandin abrial, ylang-ylang and lemon petitgrain. The neroli/floral aspect really comes through this lovely citrusy soap. Also included is Haseki Skin Elixir, made with virgin organic coconut oil and organic jojoba with just a hint of that bergaptene free bergamot (no phototoxicity to worry about), more of the gorgeous petitgrain sur fleur neroli, and just a hint of lemon essence from the juice, and Haseki Scrub, a simple, simple, simple, but oh so good scrub made with organic cane sugar, ground raw almonds and ground organic coconut shreds.

And the winner is ~

Jolyn Trewatha of Portland, OR!

Congratulations, Jo.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's my Etsyversary!

Normally I try to only post once a week, but this one snuck up on me: I've been in business on Etsy as Magickal Realism Perfume Arts for three years now. If I knew what that meant, I'd tell you, but mostly I'm about continuing to create new explorations in fragrant experience, and no, that's not a tagline, that's really what I'm angling for. The above is our October sampler pack - for a discounted price you can try some of your yummy fun scents, and the pack will change monthly.

So squee with me for year three!