Monday, November 30, 2009

Free Shipping worldwide at Magickal Realism Perfume Arts - last day!

Free shipping worldwide and clearance items are available at Magickal Realism Perfume Arts. Shop closes December 1st for a wedding (mine.) So grab it today while it's still there to be grabbed!

And after this, we will return to our regualrly scheduled perfume posts!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another sales post

I'm closing my shop on December 1st - temporarily. I'm spending that month off in Vegas, getting hitched and doing honeymoon things with the new-minted husband. But that means I have to bust-a-move this month for those of you with perfume plans for the holidays.

So for the month of November, I am offering free shipping worldwide at my Etsy shop. As long as your country will accept fragrance, I'm happy to send it, shipping on me!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Giveaway Winner!

The fall giveaway prize was a full skincare set from The Scented Djinn Etsy Apothecary. The Haseki Skincare Kit, part of the Harem Skincare line, was chosen for the giveaway. It includes Haseki Soap, made in a base of extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil and loads of organic cocoa butter, and scented with lots of really beautiful essential oils ~ pink grapefruit, bergamot (bergaptene free), frankincense b. serrata, petitgrain sur fleur neroli (neroli!), tangerine essence, lemon essence, fresh ginger, lavandin abrial, ylang-ylang and lemon petitgrain. The neroli/floral aspect really comes through this lovely citrusy soap. Also included is Haseki Skin Elixir, made with virgin organic coconut oil and organic jojoba with just a hint of that bergaptene free bergamot (no phototoxicity to worry about), more of the gorgeous petitgrain sur fleur neroli, and just a hint of lemon essence from the juice, and Haseki Scrub, a simple, simple, simple, but oh so good scrub made with organic cane sugar, ground raw almonds and ground organic coconut shreds.

And the winner is ~

Jolyn Trewatha of Portland, OR!

Congratulations, Jo.