Monday, May 26, 2008

Scentsation scentsory overload & loving it.

I have been a gardening fiend this past few weeks.  In fact, I am neglecting a lot of other things in life, like making soap or scrubs. My excuse has been because I have injured my back (which is on the mend), so I can't lift things.  And I haven't.  Just ask my husband ;) ... he was recruited to be lift boy.  However, that hasn't stopped me from planting things and a bit of weeding.  
It's been great year for my roses... I was gifted an antique jacques cartier and then i have two climbers that have just rock and rolled.  Now I am obsessed and need more.  If I can't eat it, smell it, or be healed by it, then it better be pretty ... 

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Pretty Poisons said...

After I move you must come and help me plant my scentual garden!